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Telephone Number: - 01942 671068

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About Us

Natures Store, was one of the first health food shops in the North West of England. Our origins date back to the mid 1950's and we have been providing the people of Leigh and the surrounding towns with nutritional and health related advice for over 70 years from the same shop on Lord Street. We invite you to come and delve into our captivating selection of nourishing provisions, herbal remedies, herbal teas, supplements, and other wellness treasures. Experience a pathway to a healthier, more natural lifestyle. In a world where finding honest health information is increasingly challenging due to obvious online commercial interests and paid influencers, we are proud to offer a haven of genuine guidance and support. Rest assured, this is a no sales pressure shop, only authentic advice tailored to your well-being. Let's explore together and discover what best suits your needs and goals.


  • Vitamins, minerals and supplements

  • Organic supplements.

  • Zero waste products.

  • Organic bath bombs.

  • Vegetarian, vegan and organic foods

  • Custom made herbal preparations

  • Special diets - gluten free and dairy free foods

  • Eco-friendly household products and toiletries

  • Crystal therapy products

  • Homeopathic remedies

  • Brands including: Solgar, Natures Aid, Quest, Power Health, Vega, Vogel, Good Health Naturally, Ecover, Ecozone, Kingfisher, Suma.

  • If we don't stock it we will try our best to get it!

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